As It Happens

As It Happens: The Tuesday Edition

Jan. 4, 2022

Episode Transcript

Part One

South Africa Omicron Lessons
A South African COVID doctor tells us there's both relief and risk as his country declares that the peak of Omicron has passed.

Elizabeth Holmes Verdict
Flubotomy. The founder of the once-praised blood testing start-up Theranos, is convicted of defrauding investors -- and we'll find out what happens next for Elizabeth Holmes. 

Balaclava Comeback
Knit picking. GQ's fashion critic tells us why the balaclava, which she calls "equal parts menacing and grandma-like", is suddenly in vogue.

Goldfish Drive
Seems like a red herring. But it's actually a goldfish, driving an FOV, or "Fish-Operated Vehicle" -- a major breakthrough that brings us to the intersection of marine life and...intersections.

Part Two

New Dogs Recognised
Who let the dogs in? The American Kennel Club officially recognizes two new breeds of canine for official competitions -- and we heard one of them herds. 

Egyptian Dancing UNESCO
Hip check. A woman in Cairo is working to get the art we improperly refer to as "belly dancing" on to UNESCO's List of Intangible Cultural Heritage -- and she's just asking for a little wiggle room.

Part Three

It Happened: The Archive Edition. 
Tonight we feature the hind quarters of a two-part episode about cats and dogs, also known as the second half. You'll meet a therapy cat named Oscar, a veterinarian who thinks our pets might have a sixth sense, and a toy poodle named Pickles -- who loves the "As It Happens" theme song.