As It Happens

As It Happens: The Tuesday Edition

Oct. 26, 2021

Episode Transcript

Part One

Cabinet Shuffle: Guilbeault
Two decades ago, Steven Guilbeault was arrested for protesting against Canada's contribution to climate change. As of today, he is the country's new environment minister. 

Sudan Unrest
Not without a fight. Sudan's military has thrown out the country's civilian government, but an activist on the ground in Khartoum says people will not give up their democratic rights.

Mapping Fruit Fly Brains
New research shows the poppyseed-sized brain of a fruit fly contains surprising complexity, and our guest says understanding that tiny mind is a giant leap forward.

Part Two

Facebook Ethiopia Violence
An Ethiopian human rights researcher says internal Facebook documents confirm what she's known for years: posts on the site are fanning the flames of ethnic violence in her country. 

UN Emissions Report
Cooler heads must prevail. One of the authors of a new climate report explains what countries need to do to reduce overall carbon emissions -- and prevent more disastrous warming. 

Part Three

Creepiest Doll
Step aside Chucky, there's a new doll in town. We are introduced to Gagool, a 20th century doll that has taken the prize for creepiest doll at a Minnesota museum's annual contest that honours the frightening and the freaky.