As It Happens

As It Happens: The Tuesday Edition

July 20, 2021

Episode Transcript

Part One

Quebec nursing demand
Nursing shortages have already led to closures at one Quebec hospital; now the head of the nurses association warns things will get worse if the province doesn't address the stress her members are under.

Pegasus project target
An investigative journalist tells us about learning she'd been targeted by powerful spyware capable of recording phone calls, tracking her whereabouts, and secretly recording her.

Oregon moonfish
When a brightly coloured 100-pound moonfish washed up on an Oregon shore, our guest high-tailed it to the beach to get a look, and ended up adopting it … sort of.

Part Two

Vets/Afghan interpreters
A former Canadian soldier recounts the harrowing escape he helped orchestrate for his former interpreter in Afghanistan; he says he had to step in because Canada isn't stepping up.

Anti-LGBTQ zones lawsuit 
The EU begins legal proceedings against Hungary and Poland over anti-LGBTQ laws it says are both discriminatory and demonizing.