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As It Happens: The Tuesday Edition

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Part One

BC Heatwave 
A long-time resident of Lytton B.C. tells us it's always hot there in summer -- but current record-breaking tempeartures are making him wonder if it's time to find somewhere else to cool his heels. 

West Bank Protests 
The powers that shouldn't be. In the West Bank, protests against corruption in the Palestinian Authority continue -- and our guest says they won't stop until President Mahmoud Abbas steps down. 

Massachutsetts Anti-Gay Harrassment
A Massachusetts couple is shocked when the help of a friendly stranger leads them to discover that the person behind years of anonymous homophobic harassment was their neighbour.

Part Two

Catholic Church Compensation
A residential school survivor says the Catholic Church in Canada has never made compensation a priority -- paying survivors little while spending millions on a new a state-of-the-art cathedral.

Bill 96 Critic
A serious faux pas. Quebec's Premier says his new language law is necessary for French to thrive, but our guest says the bill means that English in the province won't survive.