As It Happens

As It Happens: The Tuesday Edition

June 15, 2021

Episode Transcript

Part One

Belarus Press Conference
A reporter walks out of a press conference in Belarus, after a jailed opposition blogger is produced to say he's in good spirits and good health, a claim our guest says leaves a good deal to be desired.

Baseball Reference Negro Leagues Stats
As of today, the go-to site for baseball stats has a lot more of them, thanks to an infusion of data from black athletes that many fans say was long overdue.

Daily Lake Michigan Swim
A Chicago man decided the best way to cope with his anxiety over the past year was to go jump in a lake every single day, no matter what the thermometer said.

Part Two

Montana Cold Case Solved
A Montana detective solves a pair of murders committed 65 years ago and says the emerging practice of "forensic genealogy" means we'll see more cold cases cleared from the books.

Pekingese Best in Show
We reach the owner of this year's winner of the Westminster Dog Show, a supremely flossy young Pekingese called Wasabi who has drawn comparisons to a "fancy guinea pig" and a muppet.

Part Three

Texas Power Grid Problems
Texas electricity suppliers have once again found themselves unable to supply the energy people need to cope, this time with grueling heat.

In Flight Meal Cook
A frequent flyer has been re-creating meals he's had on planes every Sunday night since his travels ground to a halt.