As It Happens

As It Happens: The Tuesday Edition

April 6, 2021

Episode Transcript

Part One

SIU Choudry Case
Different conclusions about the same tragic ending.  Ontario's police watchdog says officers acted appropriately when they shot and killed a man during a mental health check -- but the victim's nephew says that's proof the system is broken. 

BC P1 Variant
Hardened variety. BC now has the largest outbreak of one COVID-19 variant outside Brazil -- so we'll ask the province's Health Minister how he's planning to fight the new enemy. 

Longest Baby Tooth
After getting some incisor information, we'll get hold of a 9-year-old Ontario boy who set a Guinness record for longest baby tooth -- which gave him a lot to chew on. And with. 

Part Two

Frog Skin Cells
It's not an exact seance. But researchers have managed to reanimate a bunch of frog cells into a kind of living robot that can be programmed to do stuff.

Unopened Super Mario Bros 
A buyer jumps at the chance to spend a record sum on an original Super Mario Brothers video game that was left unopened in a drawer for decades.

Part Three

Netherlands Fish Doorbell
Tipping the scales. Fish in the Netherlands get their own doorbell navigate the obstacles people have put in their way, and attract a lot of new fans in the process.

Windpipe Transplant
A New Yorker who struggled to breath for years describes her first-of-its-kind surgery that is breathing fresh air into her grateful lungs.

New Proust Text 
Long lost, and now, found. Marcel Proust's early sketches for what became his opus have just been published in France, and one scholar says the papers are the Proustian holy grail.