As It Happens

As It Happens: The Tuesday Edition

March 2, 2021

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Part One

Navalny Russia Sanctions
The U.S. imposes sanctions on senior Russian officials over the attempted assassination of Alexei Navalny with a nerve-agent -- but that probably won't help the opposition leader get out of prison.

Folded Letters
Three hundred or so years ago, letter writers often protected their correspondence by using a folding technique that "locked" the letter shut. So modern-day researchers had to be creative when they found a locked letter that they really really wanted to read.

Bunny Wailer Obit
Drummer Sly Dunbar remembers his friend and collaborator, Bunny Wailer, a giant of Jamaican music who brought reggae to the world with Bob Marley -- and that was just the start. 

Part Two

Aging Out Changes
New changes to Ontario's child welfare system mean young people will no longer be cut off as soon as they turn 18 -- a rule many say left those who "aged out" high and dry.

Whitehorse Vaccines
It's still winter -- but he's got spring in his steps. After getting his COVID shot, a Yukon dance teacher heads out on a frozen lake to express his joy, by performing a traditional Punjabi bhangra.

Part Three

Nigerian Schoolgirls Release 
Authorities in Nigeria say they've secured the release of nearly three-hundred girls kidnapped on Friday, without paying any ransom, but it's not likely to be the end of this tactic.

Yemen Famine
The UN asked donor countries for 4 billion in aid to Yemen yesterday and countries offered less than half that -- something our guest calls a "death sentence" for people on the ground. 

Female Economists Research
Show me the numbers. An economist had a hunch that she and her female colleagues were getting raked over the coals more aggressively at conferences than their male counterparts -- so she collected the data to prove it.