As It Happens

As It Happens: The Tuesday Edition

July 14, 2020

Part One

Oshawa Homelessness
Oshawa, Ontario hires private security to deal with its growing community of homeless people. We hear from the city's mayor, who was once homeless himself. 

Canadian Vaccine Trial
The first human trial of a potential COVID-19 vaccine is underway in Canada. We'll ask one of the scientists behind it just how much is riding on a home-made solution.

Sydmar Lodge Album Covers 
The residents of a UK long term care home fight the coronavirus blues by riffing off of some classic album covers in a photo series starring their pandemic-surviving selves.

Part Two

Western Rushton Remedy
For decades, a late Western University professor researched and wrote about racial superiority and genetics. Now, a group of Black alumni says it's time to address the schools lingering legacy of tenured racism. 

Covid Bar Closes
They're not the first to announce that their Covid-19 closure will be permanent, but staffers and patrons at Toronto LGBTQ bar The Beaver say something one-of-a-kind dies with the establishment. They say their shutdown is a warning sign of things to come.