As It Happens

As It Happens: The Tuesday Edition

May 5, 2020

Episode Transcript

Part One

Toronto Long Term Care Home
We hear from a family going to great lenghts to keep a round-the-clock eye on one of their own as concerns mount about conditions in her Toronto long-term care home and we speak with the Salvation Army which runs the home.

Philippines TV Shutdown
The largest TV network in the Philippines just had its license revoked and an editor at the station tells us she's done staying silent. 

Part Two

Agricultural Aid
The Prime Minister announced more than 250-million dollars for a hard-hit agriculture sector today. But our guest says it will take even more than that to meet the needs of farmers. 

Dr. Richard Friedman Obit
He spent a lifetime fighting the idea that homosexuality was pathological. A longtime friend and former patient tells us his work helped countless people live fuller lives. 

Part Three

Hurricane Lizard Study
You know what they say about big feet. They're an evolutionary advantage for lizards, of course! Our guest explains a new finding with large implications.  

Paul Cary Obit
A Colorado paramedic who volunteered to help in New York during the pandemic has died. His friend and colleague remembers Paul Cary as a humble man who dedicated his life to service.

Texas Hats/String
We play a pair of interviews from our archives featuring two Texans with big dreams, one of whom spins a yarn about breaking a world record for the largest ball of string.