As It Happens

As It Happens: The Tuesday Edition

April 7, 2020

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Part One

Boris Johnson Health
With the UK's Prime Minister in hospital fighting COVID-19, a Tory MP tells us how his government plans to lead without their leader.

Wisconsin Primary
The mayor of Madison, Wisconsin says thousands of people are being forced to make a difficult decision today: stay at home and be disenfranchised or risk long lines and in-person voting.

Moose Poo Crafts
From the archives, an interview with an artist who works in a medium most sculptors would turn up their noses at. But since she started a business selling knick-knacks made of moose poop, she's been cleaning up.

Part Two

A megachurch in Ohio is defiantly holding in-person services. Our guest says they're putting the whole community at risk.

Struggling Restaurants
A Toronto restaurant owner says he's not expecting any rent relief. And he says the federal government needs to do much more to help if they want small businesses like his to survive.

Part Three

Mississippi Meals Delivered
Every single child in Mississippi's poorest county qualifies for free meals at school. Now, with schools closed, the district is delivering breakfast and lunch to their homes by school bus.

Unplugged Triathlon
A three-time Ironman world champion was more than half-way through a 90-kilometre virtual bike race when her husband's clumsy footwork dashed her chances of a win.