As It Happens

As It Happens: The Tuesday Edition

July 23, 2019

Episode transcript

Part One

Winnipeg Meth Crisis
Winnipeg's police force is sounding the alarm on a growing meth crisis in the city — and the chief says he's losing good officers who can't handle the stress. 

Hong Kong Protests
Even after weeks, protests in Hong Kong are still going full swing — and then, on Sunday, a mob armed with sticks came out swinging against the protestors themselves. 

Artificial Snow Study
We're past the point where the West Antarctic Ice Sheet will be saved by small adjustments — so a team of scientists wants to prevent a disastrous melt by blasting it with giant snow cannons. 

Part Two

B.C. Inheritance Fight
When two parents left the lion's share of their fortune to their two sons, their four daughters took their quest for a fair share of the bequest to BC's Supreme Court — and won. 

Truffle Book Author 
Nobody knows the truffles he's seen. And in researching a book on the lucrative truffle trade, Ryan Jacobs saw a whole lot of trouble as well — including fakery, theft, and sabotage.