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As It Happens: The Tuesday Edition

As It Happens: The Tuesday Edition

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Part One

Canada Food Guide
The first new Canada Food Guide in more than 10 years gives those of us looking for advice on a healthy diet a lot to chew on — but a lot less of what we were previously told to chew on. 

China latest
The U.S. says it will request the extradition of Huawei exec Meng Wanzhou — and Canada's former ambassador to China says Beijing's anger shouldn't affect Ottawa's resolve. 

Kingston mystery plane
The city of Kingston, Ontario, wants the mystery pilot who's been buzzing around the city every night to just take off — or rather, stop taking off. 

Part Two

B.C. speaker
Months after the clerk and sergeant-at-arms are marched out of the BC Legislature, the reason is revealed: they're accused of overspending on everything from travel to bespoke suits to...a wood-splitter. 

Aberdeen circle replica
Scottish archaeologists marvel over a centuries-old stone formation on a farm — until the farmer reveals he built it himself twenty-some-odd years ago. 

Part Three

Mexico pipeline
Even after a horrific explosion that killed dozens of people, AP reporter Mark Stevenson says impoverished Mexicans won't stop tapping into state gas lines to access free fuel. 

Animal behaviour
In the short animated film "Animal Behaviour", five animals take part in group therapy. And today, a big breakthrough for the Vancouver duo who made it: they've been nominated for an Oscar. 

Welsh Hall
It's an old Welsh farmhouse that experts have figured out was built back in the year 1420. And they think might be able to figure out exactly when more buildings were built — maybe, as far back as the Bronze Age.