As It Happens

As It Happens: The Thursday Edition

Aug. 11, 2022

Part One 

France fires
An enormous wildfire in southern France has sent thousands fleeing. A volunteer who stayed behind describes her fears and hopes as she watches the smoke roll in.

Toronto cyclist protest
Police have been handing out tickets to cyclists in a Toronto park. That set off a chain reaction that ended with our guest using a radar gun to see how many motorists were breaking the law.

Irish Guinness runner
How far would you go for another round? A British marathoner enjoys a Guinness in Galway, then runs for nearly 24 hours non-stop, before downing a second one in Dublin.

Part Two

Alberta pregnancy ward
A Calgary pregnancy ward was shut to make room for COVID patients. And that's left heartbroken parents who miscarry getting care alongside those welcoming new babies.

Afghanistan NGOs 
Canadian NGOs are desperate to get much-needed relief to Afghanistan. But they say they need Ottawa to change an anti-terrorism law that's tying their hands -- like the US and Britain did.