As It Happens

As It Happens: The Thursday Edition

July 28, 2022

Part One 

US climate bill
A U.S. senator tells us the newly agreed-upon climate change bill isn't all she'd hoped it would be -- but in terms of money for a warming planet, the surprise deal is still a big deal. 

Halifax trees cut
After someone inflicts life-threatening injuries to dozens of trees in the Halifax Public Gardens, one tree lover tells us what it'll take to save these pieces of living history.

San Francisco parking ticket
A San Francisco couple was sure they'd parked in a legal spot -- until city workers turned it illegal by painting the curb red, while they were parked there. 

Part Two

CTE study
A neuroscientist tells us his latest study leaves no room for debate about the cause of the brain condition known as CTE -- so we can stop speculating about it and start preventing it. 

Celeb jets founder 
Celebrities may not think short jaunts in private jets do long-term harm -- but our guest is taking note of which stars are adding the most fuel to our collective climate fire. And then tweeting about it.