As It Happens

As It Happens: The Thursday Edition

June 30, 2022

Part One

Ottawa Protest Prep
Canada Day celebrations are finally returning to Ottawa. But a city councillor tells us anxiety about more disruptions in the capital is putting a damper on the party spirit.

Paris Attack Verdict
Relief and grief. His son was killed in the terrorist attack on the Bataclan in Paris. And while he welcomes the end of the long trial -- and murder conviction -- he still feels the loss of his child every day.

Old Red Cedar
Aging in place. Tree hunters in B.C. identify a red cedar that's been growing in a remote grove for at least a millennium. And they hope the ancient "North Shore Giant" will help spur conservation efforts.

Vince Fontaine Concert
Carrying on. When Indigenous musician Vince Fontaine died, his loss was felt by both Winnipeg bands he was part of. Now the two acts are joining forces for a concert to honour their late bandmate.

Part Two

Air Canada Flights
Winging it. Air Canada drops hundreds of flights, leaving passengers scrambling to salvage their travel plans. The head of the Moncton airport warns people to pack their patience and contingency plans this summer.

Medieval Times Union
Knights' errands. Workers at a Medieval Times dinner theatre in New Jersey say they could use more chivalry from their employer -- so they may form a union.