As It Happens

As It Happens: The Thursday Edition

May 19, 2022

Episode Transcript

Part One

Jason Kenney resigns
Jason Kenney resigns as leader of Alberta's United Conservative Party -- largely because enough party members were united in the belief that he's not sufficiently conservative. 

Quebec monkeypox
As if health workers haven't been through enough, there's now a rare outbreak of monkeypox. We'll hear from the Montreal doctor who's treated some of the first suspected patients.

Vogue pub
The publisher Condé Nast apologizes for asking a British pub called the Star Inn at Vogue  to change its name -- on the grounds that people might confuse a bar with a fashion magazine. 

Part Two 

North Korea COVID
Over the last week, North Korea went from reporting zero cases of COVID to reporting nearly two million -- and an expert tells us that's a sign Kim Jong Un is in panic mode. 

Happy the elephant
Advocates believe Happy the elephant needs to be moved out of the Bronx Zoo -- so they're arguing that, legally speaking, she's a person. 

Part Three

Saskatoon mystery vibration
For the past two years, vibrations have shaken a Saskatoon woman's house -- and sanity. And even though the cause seems clear, there's no quake fix. 

New Brunswick pilot retires 
After nearly 7 decades in the air, Canadian aviation legend George Miller has completed his final cross-country flight -- and the 87-year old has donated his 1947 airplane to a museum. And he's giving full props to his old single-prop.