As It Happens

As It Happens: The Thursday Edition

May 5, 2022

Episode Transcript

Part One

SCOTUS leak investigation
The U.S. Supreme Court launches an investigation to find out who leaked the draft ruling overturning Roe V. Wade -- and our guest says that an insider leaked it further undermines trust in the court to stay above the partisan fray.

Ontario plane crash hitman
Among the passengers who died in a recent plane crash in Northern Ontario were two accused killers. Vancouver Sun crime reporter Kim Bolan helps us sift through the leads. 

Gap playlist collector
A longtime Gap employee loved the store's old monthly playlists so much that he's spent years trying to collect them -- and if you shopped there in the '90s, you know what in-store treats are in store for you. 

Part Two 

Online abortion pill
A doctor in Europe tells us she's already seeing more orders for abortion pills from Americans -- and she vows to keep providing them, no matter what comes next. 

Belarus leader obit
Stanislav Shushkevich played a central role in the end of the Soviet Union -- and our guest tells us he never stopped fighting for freedom in Belarus.

Part Three

Philippines Duterte critic
A Filipina senator has spent years in prison on drug charges. Now, two witnesses against her have recanted their testimony -- and her lawyer tells us it's time to face the fact that she's only behind bars because she criticized Rodrigo Duterte. 

New Zealand border reopens 
After months of Zoom calls, a Scottish grandmother finally gets the chance to give her first first grandchild a hug -- after New Zealand eases its pandemic border restrictions.