As It Happens

As It Happens: The Thursday Edition

April 21, 2022

Episode Transcript

Part One

Disney vs DeSantis
A Florida Democrat tells us Governor Ron DeSantis's decision to go to war with Disney isn't just bad news for the Magic Kingdom, it's a blow to everyone living in the area as well. 

NS Taxi Driver Donation
Hailing a cab driver. A long-time Nova Scotia taxi operator has become something of a local legend after leaving over 1-point-5 million dollars to the community's hospital in his will.

Oreo Cream Study
Giving it a spin. We'll hear from a PhD candidate who spent several months measuring the torque it takes to split an Oreo in two -- and whether it's really possible to distribute the filling evenly on both sides. 

Coachella Rapper 
Rice and shine. During an explosive performance at Coachella, a rapper from Thailand ate mango sticky rice on-stage. And suddenly, her name -- and that dessert -- were on everyone's lips. 

Part Two

Mariupol Defensive Stand 
Nerves of steel. Vladimir Putin has declared victory in the Ukrainian port city of Mariupol, but hundreds of troops and civilians are still inside its massive steel plant. And our guest says they're heroes for holding out. 

Arizona Wildfires 
Under fire. As wildfires rage in Arizona, one resident tells us what it's like seeing his community burn -- and wondering whether his home will be next. 

Part Three

Russia Sanctions Impact
Unsanctioned assessment. A Russian economist gives us an honest take on how Western governments' sanctions against Russia are playing out on the ground -- and how long the Kremlin can handle the pressure. 

Zoo Animals Vax
rolling up their sleeves. The humans that is. The CEO of the Toronto Zoo tells us about a new effort to innoculate animals against COVID-19. Stay tuned. 

Taco Bell Stuffed Nacho
For whom the Taco Bell tolls. Unable to make his peace with the demise of his favourite fast food menu item, a San Francisco man decided to exercise his right to free speech, by exercising every day until the Grilled Stuft Nacho is back.