As It Happens

As It Happens: The Thursday Edition

Feb. 3, 2022

Part One

Afghanistan Taliban Women Disappear
While the Taliban continues to seek international recognition, a British journalist links the regime to the disappearances and, often, the deaths of women in Afghanistan. 

Rotterdam Bridge
Jeff Bezos's new boat is so gigantic that the city of Rotterdam is thinking about dismantling a historic bridge so it can physically get to the sea and a city councillor is among those feeling yacht and bothered. 

Oregon Newspaper For Sale
The Malheur Enterprise newspaper is up for sale but if you're interested, you can't just write a cheque, you have to write a convincing essay as well.

Part Two

Oregon Church Meals 
A city in Oregon passes an ordinance preventing churches from giving out free meals more than twice a week so one church serves the city a piping hot lawsuit. 

Robin Herman Obit
When she was covering hockey in the '70s, the late journalist Robin Herman insisted on being given the same locker room access as her male colleagues. And she got it.

Part Three

Chex Cora Kidnapping Trial
A Montreal crime reporter brings us up to speed on the trial of a franchisee accused of kidnapping the president of the Chez Cora restaurant chain.

Ice Age Remains
While building a 5-thousand home housing development in England, workers uncover a cave system, within which archaeologists find the remains of a woolly mammoth, and various other creatures from Ice Age Britain.