As It Happens

As It Happens: The Thursday Edition

Nov. 4, 2021

Episode Transcript

Part One

Ethiopia: Addis Ababa
The Ethiopian government admits Tigrayan forces are advancing on Addis Ababa — and a journalist in the capitol says residents are being encouraged to take up arms to repel the rebels. 

Ontario/Quebec hospital vaccine mandate
Ontario and Quebec announce they'll allow some health workers to keep doing their jobs even if they're unvaccinated — which a nurse tells us is bad news for vulnerable patients. 

Saskatoon school moose
An out-of-towner created a commotion in Saskatoon today, by wandering through the city, before crashing into a school — and a conservation officer describes the moose's ill-fated march. 

Part Two

COP26: Youth protest
On Friday, thousands of young people will take to the street in Glasgow to call for real action on climate change — and one 17-year-old organizer says he hopes leaders are paying attention. 

Fish teeth
A fish called the Pacific lingcod that's always shooting off its mouth, or rather, the contents of its mouth — and scientists are surprised to learn it loses and replaces 20 very pointy teeth every single day. 

Part Three

UK HPV vaccine
A new study shows that the HPV vaccine program has dramatically reduced cervical cancer rates in the UK — a timely reminder of the importance of getting vaccinated. 

House of Commons dress code 
NDP MP Randall Garrison calls on the House of Commons to embrace a little more diversity, by changing the rules around what's currently deemed "appropriate" for Canadian MPs to wear in Parliament.