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As It Happens: The Thursday Edition

April 15, 2021

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Part One

Sex Assault Publication Ban 
She was sexually assaulted. Then she was convicted -- of violating a publication ban intended to protect her own identity. Her lawyer tells us why a court should overule that ruling.

Conservative Climate Plan
The Conservatives announce plans to make Canadians pay for their carbon use -- but we'll hear from an MP who insists that in no way resembles a carbon tax.

PEI Board Game 
An inventor on Prince Edward Island spent years creating a minimalist new board game called "mur" -- which he says is more exciting than chess, and impossible for artificial intelligence to master.

Part Two

Afghanistan Withdrawal 
Losing battle. The U-S says its soldiers will soon leave Afghanistan, a move our guest says will leave everyone more vulnerable.

Bhutan Vaccinated 
Strength in numbers. The health minister of Bhutan tells us how the Himalayan nation managed to vaccinate 93 percent of its adult population in just two weeks -- which has been a real shot in the arm. 

Part Three

Encore Marie Campbell
A literal lifetime of achievement. This week, Saskatchewan's Lieutenant Governor presented Metis Writer Maria Campbell with a lifetime achievement award. And that presented us with the opportunity to revisit our conversation with her.