As It Happens

As It Happens: The Thursday Edition

Feb. 18, 2021

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Part One

Rover Landing
After a stressful descent, NASA's Perseverance rover has landed on Mars and an astrobiologist who's part of the mission tells us why she welled up when it touched down. 

Texas: Democrat Lawmaker
Texan legislators are promising to tackle the state's current energy crisis, but many of their constituents say they're a big part of the problem. Tonight, we talk to one who is promising change.

Texas: Turtle Rescue
Frigid temperatures in Texas left thousands of sea turtles stunned by the cold and facing death until a community that was suffering itself got together to save them.

Part Two

Jamaican LGBT Laws
Death threats forced a Jamaican gay-rights activist to flee his homeland for Canada and now a human-rights tribunal has called on Jamaica to repeal its homophobic laws.

Georgia Citizen's Arrest Law
Almost a year after a young black man was fatally shot while jogging in Georgia, the state is poised to change the Civil War-era "citizen's arrest" law that almost saw his accused killers go free.

Part Three

Lesbos Contaminated Camp
First, the overcrowded Moria refugee camp burned to the ground. Now the asylum seekers who were there are at a new site on Lesbos, one that advocates fear is contaminated with lead.

Brexit Silk Manufacturer
A U-K silk producer says Brexit has left him with no choice but to move jobs to the continent because the cost of doing business from outside the E.U. is just too high.