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As It Happens: The Thursday Edition

Feb. 11, 2021

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Part 1

Loujain  Al-Hathloul Release

There's celebration as a Saudi women's rights activist is released from prison -- but a family friend warns that if Saudi officials feel like locking her up again, they will.

NL Election Date

With a COVID outbreak underway, Newfoundland and Labrador delays Saturday's provincial election, but only for about half its ridings -- and the provincial NDP leader says that's a half-baked idea.

Alex Trebek Suits

Formal recognition. After being left with a closet full of "Jeopardy!" outfits, Alex Trebek's son decides to donate his late father's wardrobe to a charity that helps under-served Americans find jobs.


Part 2

Supreme Court - London Abuse

The Supreme Court refuses the Catholic Church's latest attempt to stop an abuse survivor from re-opening her case -- and she says she still wants officials held accountable for leaving her vulnerable to a predatory priest. 

Anishinaabe Beading Show

An Anishinaabe artist says the florid colours inspired him to make scratch-and-win crossword tickets out of thousands of beads -- and use them to tell a story about his roots.


Part 3

Pirate Skeleton Found

Underwater Archeologists find clues off Cape Cod that might tell us more about one of history's most legendary pirates. 

Braille Mountain 

A B.C. ski guide finds a way to open up the backcountry for skiers who are blind. And he can spot all the challenges because he's visually impaired himself.