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As It Happens: The Thursday Edition

Nov. 26, 2020

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Part One

Ontario AG
The Ontario government says the auditor general got her facts wrong in a report on pandemic failures — which she says is surprising, because she checked her facts with the Ontario government. 

Oxford AstraZeneca issues
Critics raise concerns about how Oxford and AstraZeneca rolled out early results from their COVID-19 vaccine trial — a process our guest refers to as "science by press release".

U.S. Thanksgiving: Iowa prof
A University of Iowa professor cooks up a Thanksgiving solution for her pandemic-stranded students. 

Part Two

SCOTUS: Synagogues
The U.S. Supreme Court says New York State's COVID-19 restrictions violated religious freedoms. But an Orthodox Jewish journalist says that's mostly a symbolic victory, because his community isn't heeding restrictions anyway. 

Hamilton old bills
An Ontario coin store owner winds down his longstanding tradition of handing out 1-dollar bills as tips — because an imminent ban on their use will put an end to his single-mindedness.

Piper upkilting
A Scottish bagpiper says wearing a kilt is too often an excuse for audience members to crack unwelcome jokes, take unwanted pictures — and even grope him while he's trying to play.

Part Three

Cape Cod turtles
Rescuers are in a race against time to save the hundreds of sea turtles that have washed ashore in Cape Cod, stunned by cold.

Archives: Bug Girl award 
We revisit Carol's conversation with an 11-year-old entomologist who's just picked up a big honour for her big passion for bugs.