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As It Happens: The Thursday Edition

Aug. 6, 2020
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Part One

Beirut investigation
Tuesday's devastating blast in Beirut is now shaking up Lebanon's political system. But a local human-rights activist tells us an investigation led by this government is no investigation at all.  

Georgia crowded schools
A school nurse in Georgia quit her job over fears about COVID-19. Now she says photos of packed school hallways have her fearing for students. 

Ant researcher
When COVID-19 closed labs, scientists had to adapt. We reach an entomologist who had their bug-out bag all packed with thousands of live ants — and they've been living with them ever since.

Part Two

U.S. census concerns
The U.S. Census bureau announces it's wrapping up its data collection one month early. Our guest says the decision means millions will be left out, and that just doesn't add up — unless leaving people out is the point.

Deline Hiroshima connection 
Seventy-five years ago today the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, leaving a trail of devastation that stretches into today — including to a community in the Northwest Territories.