As It Happens

As It Happens: The Thursday Edition

July 30, 2020
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Part One

Trudeau testimony: David Herle
All eyes are on Justin Trudeau as he tries to explain his ties to the WE Charity. We reach a former prime ministerial advisor who knows a thing or two about political theatre to size up the PM's performance.

Ontario schools plan
Today, Ontario rolled out its plan for getting kids back to school this fall — but the head of the province's elementary teachers union tells us there's a lot more to do before class is in session.

From our archives: Norman the lamb
A Scottish woman has seller's remorse after letting go of her lamb "Norman" — and after a 400 kilometre drive, she discovers Norman misses her too.

Part Two

John Lewis funeral
Mourners gathered in Atlanta, Georgia today to say a final farewell to the late U.S. Congressman John Lewis. Former president Barack Obama was there to eulogize the man who championed "Good Trouble." 

Florida nursing home worker
After spending months barred from visiting her dementia-stricken husband, a Florida woman finds a way in by picking up a job as a part-time dishwasher in his nursing home.

Whale researcher 
COVID has made life under water quieter than it's been in long time. We reach a wildlife biologist in Alaska who says the humpbacks are thrilled.