As It Happens

As It Happens: The Thursday Edition

April 30, 2020

Part One

Helicopter Crash 
Abbigail Cowbrough was one of the six aboard a helicopter that crashed into the sea between Greece and Italy. Her grandmother tells us she was driven by a commitment to serve, and desire to see the world. 
And Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan, speaks more about the crash.

Tennessee Tornado
There's good news this week for the Johnson family. They lost their home and a beloved dog in a Tennessee tornado last month. Now they have been reunited with Bella. 

Part Two

No Tax Haven Aid
COVID-crunched Canadian companies need a bailout, but NDP leader Jagmeet Singh doesn't think every company deserves one. 

Bucket Truck Visit
When the pandemic kiboshed family visits with his 95 year old grandfather, one Toronto man arranged for his mom to have a brief visit -- by hiring a bucket truck to take her to his second-story window.

Part Three

Anaesthesiologist Photo Project 
He's combining photos of his colleagues at the hospital, with images of them from their personal lives. Anesthesiologist Cyrus McEachern tells us about the project he has been working on as a way to deal with work stress amid the pandemic. 

From Our Archives: Food Inventions
At the back of the "As It Happens" fridge, we found tales of food innovations -- including a man who spent 20 years creating a hot dog bun that wouldn't drop condiments.