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As It Happens: The Thursday Edition

March 26, 2020
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Part One

New Canadian ambassador
Kirsten Hillman becomes Canada's official ambassador in Washington — just as the Trump administration starts musing about sending troops to our shared border.

COVID: federal prisons
Prisons can be breeding grounds for virus. We hear from a Canadian senator who wants to let the most vulnerable inmates out now, for their sake and for ours.

From our archives: Boo Boo the Chicken
"Bock" by popular request, from the As It Happens archives. A story about a beloved chicken named Boo Boo who stared death in the eye and lived to cluck the tale.  

Part Two

Spain ER doctor
Thousands dead, and hospitals near the breaking point. We talk to an ER doctor in Spain who has a message for Canada: Don't manage the early days of an outbreak the way we did.

Koalas return
Joey to the world! In the wake of Australia's devastating fires, a small act of hope. Twelve rescued koalas have been returned to the wild, with the addition of a babe-in-pouch.

Part Three

Egypt COVID prisons
An Egyptian novelist winds up in jail herself after agitating for the release of prisoners put at risk by the spread of COVID-19.

Winnipeg homeless
We'll hear from a woman in Winnipeg who's working to create an emergency homeless shelter for people to ride-out the pandemic. 

Submarine self-isolation 
Former submarine officer Jon Bailey knows what it's like to be cooped up. Except he's done it for months, in a metal tube, underwater. He's got isolation tips for you — including on the crucial matter of wearing pajamas all day.