As It Happens

As It Happens: The Monday Edition

Aug. 8, 2022

Episode Transcript

Part One 

Newfoundland fires
As a fire burns out of control nearby, we reach a Newfoundland woman who says food and water are running low -- and the road out is blocked.

Carol Todd
Carol Todd has campaigned tirelessly against so-called "sextortion" since her daughter Amanda's death nearly a decade ago. She tells us how it felt to see the man who tormented her found guilty.

Olivia Newton-John obit
From our archives, an interview with Olivia Newton-John as she opened her closet-full of iconic outfits to raise money for cancer research. The singer and "Grease" star died this morning. She was 73.

Part Two

Montreal Pride cancelled
After yesterday's last-minute cancellation of the Montreal Pride Parade, our guest says it wasn't just disappointing -- and kind of baffling -- but a real shame for her community.

Ontario health care crisis
As some Ontario hospitals struggle to keep emergency rooms open, the head of Ontario Health tells us people can still trust the system.