As It Happens

As It Happens: The Monday Edition

April 25, 2022

Epiosde Transcript

Part One

Musk Buys Twitter 
Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter has inspired applause and hand-wringing -- but our guest says that, at this point, all we know for sure is that he's not doing it for business reasons; he's doing it for his own. 

Venice Biennale: Ukrainian Artist
Show of support. We'll hear from a Ukrainian artist who's showcasing his work at the Venice Biennale -- about how his art has taken on a whole new significance in the wake of Russia's invasion. 

GG Volunteer Award
Attuned to the needs of others. The 96-year-old winner of a Governor General's award for volunteering tells us decades of playing music for patients in nursing homes and hospitals has brought him at least as much joy as it brings them. 

Guy Lafleur Disco
Dancing around the problem. In the late '70s, no NHL player combined coolness and talent like Guy Lafleur -- but his only album proves even he couldn't combine disco beats with hockey instruction. 

Part Two

HK Press Awards 
Cancel culture. We'll talk to a journalist who resigned from the Hong Kong Foreign Correspondents' Club after it called off its annual human rights press awards -- who says the decision violates the very idea of press freedom. 

Basketball Origin Story
The ball is in his court. We hear from a man who's doing his best to dunk on the theory that basketball has its origins in Canada -- by claiming it started in his American hometown instead. 

Part Three

2010 Mosque Move to NWT
Journey of faith. A new children's book tells the story of a Muslim community that built a mosque in Winnipeg and spent weeks transporting it more than 4,000 kilometres to Inuvik -- just in time for Ramadan. 

Toronto Seed Discovery 
Dig this. Construction workers at a Toronto site have unearthed marsh plants growing from century-old seeds. And our guest says long-dormant parts of the one-time wetland could be coming back to life. 

FOA: Hell Michigan Cat Mayor
Like a cat outta hell. We'll find out how a wide-eyed, big-footed black cat named Jinx became the mayor of Hell for a day. The town in Michigan, that is.