As It Happens

As It Happens: The Monday Edition

April 18, 2022

Episode Transcript

Part One

Novaya Gazeta Moves
Hard truths. The Novaya Gazeta has endured the murder of its reporters and won a Nobel Prize, but tonight the editor-in-chief of its new European operation says it can no longer operate in Russia -- at least for now. 

Somalia Drought
Crisis point. As drought persists in Somalia, the UN's Humanitarian Coordinator for the region tells us conflict in Europe is making things worse -- and innaction now could mean hundreds of thousands of lives lost. 

BC Humpback Whale vs Orcas
Valiant effort. A humpback whale fended off an apparent attack by a group of Bigg's orcas this weekend. And while Valiant may have been outnumbered, the whale wouldn't be outplayed.

Clothes-Hanging Record
They've got the hang of it. A father-son duo in the UK has become the world's fastest team of two to hang up ten items of clothing -- and they really beat the pants off the competition. 

Part Two

Pro-Wasp Biologist
Frequent fliers. By now we're used to thinking of bees and other pollinators as being under threat, but our guest says we should spare a thought for predatory insects like wasps -- which are potential friends too often mistaken for foes. 

FOA: Giant Easter Eggs
In the midst of continued suffering, sales of intricate Ukrainian Easter eggs have been raising relief funds. And that reminded us of the story of a particular pysanky  that looms large in the As It Happens archive. 

Part Three

Encore: Nishga
Gathering place. At a time of family and community get-togethers, we revisit Carol Off's conversation with Nisga'a writer Jordan Abel, who gathered some of his many musings on identity and belonging in his 2021 book, Nishga.