As It Happens

As It Happens: The Monday Edition

March 28, 2022

Episode Transcript

Part One

Canadians in Ukraine
When our guest travelled from Canada to Ukraine to help fight Russia's invasion, he expected he'd at least be given a weapon. But he tells us he was asked to head to the frontlines without one. 

Indigenous Rome delegation
A member of the Indigenous delegation to the Vatican says Inuit communities want more than an apology — they want the Pope to intervene in the case of a single priest accused of sexual assault. 

Denver pickleball charges
A retiree faces prison time for marking out a pickleball court on a gym floor using permanent marker — and his lawyer says the charges cross a line. 

Part Two 

Ukraine rock star
Since the fighting began, one of Ukraine's most-loved rock stars has been playing impromptu shows across the country — and he says the fact he shows up is more important than the shows themselves. 

Sonoran Desert Toad
More and more people are seeking out the Sonoran Desert Toad, to get high on its psychedelic secretions. Which has our guest worried the toad's numbers may soon experience a major crash. 

Part Three

Chernobyl forest fire
A Ukrainian MP says some lucky weather is ratcheting down concerns about forest fires burning in the Chernobyl area. 

Nova Scotia renoviction
A Nova Scotia senior tells us she's not about to let her Toronto-based landlord renovict her — or older residents who have lived in her building for decades. 

Invisible art auction 
An auction house in Paris expects to bring in an estimated half a million dollars for a piece of art that doesn't actually exist. But our guest says that's par for the course when it comes to its extremely visible creator.