As It Happens

As It Happens: The Monday Edition

March 21, 2022

Episode Transcript

Part One

Moscow teacher fired
A Russian geography teacher tells us he was forced to flee his country, after publishing an Instagram post explaining why he refused to deliver government-ordered instruction on its invasion of Ukraine. 

Mosque attack Mississauga
A member of a Mississauga, Ontario mosque tells us about the moment it was attacked by a man brandishing an axe and bear spray. 

Ever Forward floating
Almost exactly a year after the Ever Given blocked the Suez Canel, another of the same company's ships is stuck in Chesapeake Bay. And our guest says it's a tale of possible human error and probable déjà vu.

Part Two 

Ukraine BBC family story
A BBC reporter in Ukraine tells us she's used to contending with misinformation — but now her own parents are treating her coverage of Russia's invasion as fake news. 

Cane toad tadpoles study
A new study reveals cane toad tadpoles are cannibalizing their younger kin. And questions about what's driving their behaviour are eating away at our guest. 

Part Three

Refugee smugglers court
A lawyer for three refugees detained in Greece tells us his clients are facing life in prison for smuggling after actual smugglers forced them to steer the dinghy that brought them to European shores. 

Black architect wins prize 
We speak with this year's Pritzker Prize winner about becoming the first African to take home what's commonly called the Nobel of architecture — and about how he was inspired by his hometown in Burkina Faso.