As It Happens

As It Happens: The Monday Edition

Oct. 18, 2021

Part One

Poland Belarus border
A once-peaceful forest near the border between Poland and Belarus is now the site of a deadly international squabble — and the migrants who are stuck there have nowhere to turn, as temperatures drop. 

Colin Powell obit
As Americans remember their first Black Secretary of State, former Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Bill Graham recalls his conversations with the late Colin Powell, after he made his now-infamous case for the invasion of Iraq.

Spanish literary hoax
The Spanish books world is shaken by a real-life plot twist, when a reclusive female crime novelist is awarded a lucrative prize — and three men come forward to admit they made her up, and they are she. 

Part Two

Queen's homecoming
At homecoming, a third-year Queen's University student saw misogynistic messages hung outside some houses — and tonight, he'll tell us why he confronted the student-tenants.

Ogopogo rights transfer
The city of Vernon, B.C. transfers the trademark for "Ogopogo" to eight local First Nations — who say the popular image of an aquatic monster bears little resemblance to the sacred lake spirit it's based on. 

Part Three

Solar system magnetic tunnel
Imagine a night sky woven with a vast magnetic tunnel that envelopes the whole solar system — an astronomer tells us it's out there and it opens up a whole new way of looking at the galaxy.

Encore: Nixon sandwich 
A 95-year-old sandwich belonging to the first man to complete a flight across the pacific got us thinking of Steve Jenne — and his 61-year-old sandwich that was half eaten by Richard Nixon.