As It Happens

As It Happens: The Monday Edition

Aug. 9, 2021

Episode Transcript

Part One

IPCC report
A contributer to the UN's latest climate report tells us it's past time the body issued its "code red for humanity." But, she says, catastrophe can be avoided, if the world acts fast. 

Greece wildfires
A resident of the Greek island of Evia describes how fire forced her family to flee by boat — and left her daughter asking if they'd ever be able to go home again.

Old sword found
When you get a call from your contractor, chances are you should steel yourself for bad news. But an Ottawa couple redoing their deck recently found out their renovation had unearthed an antique blade.

Part Two

Bill Davis obit
The late Bill Davis wasn't flashy. But his friend — and one-time political opponent — Bob Rae says that's exactly what made the former Ontario premier effective. 

Enbridge wild rice lawsuit
A treaty rights lawyer in Minnesota tells us why he's filed a rare lawsuit accusing the state of violating nature's right to exist. And he says the lead plaintiff is wild rice.