As It Happens

As It Happens: The Monday Edition

July 5, 2021

Part One

Vaccine Doc Exonerated
Faced with rapidly expiring COVID-19 vaccine doses, a Texas doctor gave them to some high-risk people, including his wife -- not knowing knowing that decision would lose him his job, and land him in court.

US Canada Border Open 
When our guest got married last summer in Alberta, half her guests were across the border in the U-S, behind a barbed-wire fence; she'll tell us what today's easing of restrictions will mean for her. 


Part Two

Iceland 4 Day Work Week
Workin' hard and hardly workin'. The results from the biggest trial yet of a shorter work week show that people aren't just happier when they put in fewer hours -- they're more productive as well. 

Race Across America
The first woman to win a grueling bike race across the United States says the mental strain was a far greater obstacle than her aching legs -- but she didn't let the hallucinations trip her up.

Abba Encore
ABBA's "Gold" has now spent more weeks in the U.K's top-100 than any other album. And knowing me, knowing you -- that's all the license we need to revisit some of our catchiest coverage of the quartet.