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As It Happens: The Monday Edition

April 20, 2020
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Episode Transcript

Part 1 

NS Shooting: Friend

Indelible. Lisa McCully was spending the pandemic exploring nature and singing songs with her children. The teacher was among those killed in Nova Scotia this weekend. A close friend tells us Lisa was unforgettable. 

NS Shooting: Councillor 

We hear from the councillor representing Portapique, Nova Scotia, who says not only are people there stunned and grieving -- they must now figure out how to help each other cope when they can't be physically close. 

NS Shooting: Bill Blair

The gunman also killed an RCMP constable and at some point dressed up like a police officer himself. We ask Canada's Minister of Public Safety -- who's also a former police chief -- what that means to him. 

Part 2 

Juul Study

When JUUL voluntarily stopped selling many of its flavoured products back in 2018, the hope was that e-cigarette sales might drop. But new research suggests JUUL was just blowing smoke. 

New Orleans Musician

When the saints go marching out. The streets and bars of New Orleans have fallen silent because of COVID-19...and it's bringing back familiar memories of another devastating blow to the city: Hurricane Katrina. 

Part 3

Surrogacy Dads

Waiting game. We'd all like to go back to normal. But we hear from two men waiting for something else: the safe arrival of their first child -- born 3-thousand kilometres from home. 

WWII Diaries 

A war and the words. Anne Frank's diary offered a timeless first-person story. But she wasn't the only one writing about life during the Second World War. And Dutch archivists have thousands more diaries for the world to read.

From Our Archives: Iceland Elfs 

The boulder move was the boldest move. From our archives: an Icelandic MP has a 30-tonne rock transported to his property, because it's home to three generations of elves that may have saved his life.