As It Happens

As It Happens: The Monday Edition

April 13, 2020

Episode Transcript

Part 1

Herron Care Home

From care home to crime scene. Police in Quebec are investigating a private Montreal seniors' facility where more than 30 people have died -- in just 3 weeks. We talk to a man who just managed to get his mother out.

COVID Rapid Test

He wants results. And fast. Health Canada just approved a new rapid test that's made entirely in this country and spits out coronavirus results in under an hour. 

From Our Archives: Keyfob Dog

Going with his gut. From our daily dive into the archives: a woman can't drive anywhere without her pet because it swallowed the fob she needs to start her car.

Part 2

Saudi LAV Deal

Topping up the tank. Canada is standing by its deal to send Light Armoured Vehicles to Saudi Arabia. Our guest explains why he finds the timing of the news a little suspect.

Oil Production Analyst

Too slick by half. Russia and Saudi Arabia say they've agreed to an unprecedented cut in oil production. But according to our guest, it'll take more than that to restore the fortunes of Canada's oil patch.

Part 3

Rube Goldberg Device

It's complicated. Rube Goldberg dreamt up delightfully inefficient devices to perform simple tasks. Now, his granddaughter is challenging locked-down families to create a bar-of-soap picker-upper, using at least 10 mostly unnecessary steps.

Reading: Selfish Giant 

We dust off an old favourite that might just make you cry -- but in a good way... our annual reading of Oscar Wilde's "The Selfish Giant.