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As It Happens: The Monday Edition

March 30, 2020

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Part One

Bobcaygeon Nursing Home

In the Ontario town of Bobcaygeon at least seven people at a nursing home have died from COVID-19. We reach a man whose father lives at the home.

Yukon Arrivals

A couple tries to escape the pandemic by moving to a remote First Nation in Yukon... and gets a frosty reception.

From Our Archives: Shell Guy

He's da bomb. Or, rather, he's the guy who found an unexploded shell in his neighbour's garbage. Our daily dip into the As It Happens archives to satisfy your yearning for pre-pandemic problems. Like explosives. In your neighbour's garbage. 

Part Two

Triage Rules

Hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst.  An Ontario doctor tells us about the protocol he developed for how hospitals will make life-and-death decisions if Covid-19 cases overwhelm the health care system.

Levinson Story

Disappearing act. Intrigue surrounds the disappearance of a former FBI agent who went to Iran 13 years ago and never came back. A reporter who's been following the story unpacks the latest twist.

Part Three

PEI Recovery

Nothing changes if nothing changes. A P-E-I man says he was discharged from an addiction treatment facility to free up space for COVID-19 demands. Now, without support, he says he's worried about a relapse.

Coral Bleaching Study

Beyond the pale. Coral bleaching is stripping The Great Barrier Reef of colour -- it's the third time the reef has been hit by this kind of event in five years.

Toronto Free Meals

Curry favour. A restaurant in Toronto is handing out free takeout to anyone who says they can't afford food, and they're even letting people come back for seconds -- no questions asked.