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As It Happens: The Monday Edition

March 20, 2020

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Part One

Hospital shortages
The medical director of critical care at a Toronto hospital is asking the public for donations of protective equipment — to keep front line workers safe, so they can save lives. 

Trucker problems
As business and movement slow down across the continent, long-distance truckers like Dave Redl need to keep essential goods moving. He says the traffic's great, but the job is getting harder.  

From our archives: fist-pumper
There is perhaps no one better at fist-pumping than Ray Slater. There was nothing at all in his hand when he began, but he ended up holding a world record — 17 hours later.

Part Two

Wuhan update
After months of isolation, a man in Wuhan, China says there's finally a light at the end of the tunnel. And he has advice for those who haven't seen the worst of the coronavirus yet. 

P.E.I. drive-thru pork
Prince Edward Island farmer Ranald MacFarlane is now accepting cash-stuffed toilet paper rolls — and he's literally throwing bacon and sausages at his customers through their car windows — in vacuum-sealed packages of course. 

Part Three

McGill ventilator
Montreal hospitals are challenging the public to design low-cost and easy-to-build ventilators during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Germany extremist monitoring
German authorities label a wing of a popular ring-wing political party as extremist, and put its leaders under surveillance. The president of the State Agency for the Protection of the Constitution says the move is not only justified but necessary.

New Orleans restaurant
One of New Orleans' oldest restaurants endured the Civil War, the Great Depression and even Hurricane Katrina. But now, fears of coronavirus have forced family-run Antoine's to close its doors indefinitely.