As It Happens

As It Happens: The Monday Edition

Nov. 18, 2019

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Part One 

Hong Kong Polytech University protests
Protesters are trapped inside Hong Kong's Polytechnic University, surrounded by police — and a volatile situation may be set to explode. 

Prince Andrew interview
After Prince Andrew's baffling, frustrating, and frankly weird weekend interview, former BBC royal correspondent Peter Hunt believes he should retire from public life. 

Cincinnati Bengals fan roof sit
Cincinnati restaurant owner Jeff Lanham vowed to live in a tent on the roof of his establishment until his football team wins — but the Bengals can't seem to stop bungling. 

Part Two

Author Aatish Taseer citizenship revoked
Months after writing a magazine article critical of India's prime minister, author Aatish Taseer's "overseas citizenship" is revoked by the Indian government.

School bus seatbelts
A Victoria bus driver is hoping his campaign for mandatory seatbelts in schoolbuses will click with members of the British Columbia legislature. 

Part Three

Stents/surgery study
New research says there's no advantage to putting patients with heart blockages under the knife — compared to a treatment involving medications and lifestyle changes. 

Quebec coroner: Phoenix
Quebec coroner Pascal Boulay says the death of a public servant should put the federal government on notice that it needs to turn talk about mental health into action.

Gelato flavours record
Over the years, the owners of a Vancouver gelato shop have made hundreds of unusual flavours — so many that the seasoned veterans have earned a Guinness World Record.