As It Happens

As It Happens: The Monday Edition

Jan. 21, 2019

Episode transcript

Part One

Montreal Hypothermia Death
The mother of former Bloc Québecois leader Gilles Duceppe is found dead of hypothermia — raising serious questions about her senior's residence, after she was locked out for hours following an alarm. 

Zimbabwe Crackdown
Several are dead and hundreds more under arrest in Zimbabwe, as government forces crack down on citizens protesting the rising cost of fuel.

Moose Statue Update
With Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan locked in a heated battle with a Norwegian town over their respective moose statues, it's still anyone's guess which will rack up as the world's tallest.

Part Two

Right To Be Forgotten
A Dutch surgeon wins a landmark case against Google to have her name removed from searches relating to a case of medical negligence — under Europe's so-called "Right to Be Forgotten" law.

Labrador Passenger
Passengers on a flight destined for Hong Kong were forced to remain on the plane during a stop-over in Labrador that lasted more than two-thirds of a day — with winter weather creeping into the cabin.

Part Three

Feature: Robin Robertson —The Long Take: A Noir Narrative
The year is 1946. The war is over, but Walker — a soldier with the North Nova Scotia Highlanders — doesn't return home to Cape Breton. Instead, he heads south, to the bright lights and big cities of America — and the dreams they promise. But in New York and then Los Angeles, he finds instead a city and country that seems to be eating itself in the name of progress. Carol Off's feature interview with Robin Robertson, author of The Long Take: A Noir Narrative, an elegiac story about trying to escape the traumas of war in post-war America — written entirely in verse.