As It Happens

As It Happens: The Monday Edition

Nov. 12, 2018

Episode transcript

Part One

Stan Lee obit
Stan Lee turned ordinary people into superheroes, and Marvel Comics into an all-powerful media colossus — and tonight, renowned Canadian comics artist Todd McFarlane remembers his late friend and mentor. 

California wildfires: Paradise mayor
In a matter of hours, fire reduced the northern California community of Paradise to ashes — and the town mayor was among those who returned home to find no home at all. 

Warbler birdwatcher
Lowell Burket of Pennsylvania is a discerning amateur birder who put two and two together to discover a warbler that's an extremely rare hybrid of three-species-in-one.

Part Two

Senator: forced sterilizations
Senator Yvonne Boyer says the forced sterilization of Indigenous women is still happening in Canada — and she wants the Senate to take a closer look. 

NHL concussion deal
The NHL offers a deal to retired players suing the league for not protecting them from concussions — offering a settlement, but accepting no responsibility. 

Part Three

Windsor overdose deaths
In 24 hours this weekend, five people died of drug overdoses in and around Windsor, Ontario. Our guest says he's fed up with government inaction on opening an O.D. prevention site in the city. 

Philippines journalist
The government of the Philippines accuses a journalist of evading taxes — to the tune of around 3 million bucks. But she tells As it Happens all she's guilty of is seeking, and telling, the truth.