As It Happens

As It Happens: The Monday Edition

Monday, Feb. 5, 2018

Episode transcript

Part One

Released Canadians
Today, a Canadian woman and her friend were released after a terrible ordeal: they went to Lebanon to get her children from her ex-husband — and wound up being detained by an Al-Qaeda group.

Psychiatric Institutions
A disabled Nova Scotia woman has been locked in a psychiatric facility for nearly 18 years, despite doctors' objections — and now she's fighting for the right to live in her own home. 

Freemason Mystery
We know politics makes strange bedfellows — but there are new reports that, in British parliament, some even stranger fellows are operating in secret under the bed: Freemasons. 

Part Two

FairPlay: Industry
A coalition of media companies want to stop Canadians from illegally downloading movies and programs — and tonight, one CEO tells us what kind of anti-theft devices he's calling for. 

Esmond Bradley Martin Obit
Geographer Esmond Bradley Martin took on the dangerous work of investigating the global ivory trade — and now, he's been found killed in his Nairobi home. 

Part Three

Encore: Ottawa Harassment
In light of Carol's weekend op-ed on sexual harassment and misconduct in Ottawa in the '80s, we'll have an encore presentation of our 2014 interview with two journalists who shared their stories. It's a powerful conversation — and we'll warn you, it's disturbing.