As It Happens

As It Happens: The Friday Edition

June 24, 2022

Episode Transcript

Part One

Roe v Wade Mississippi
After the U.S. Supreme Court officially overturns Roe V. Wade, an abortion rights advocate in Mississippi says she's devastated -- but she'll keep helping women get the procedure, even if it means breaking the law. 

Uvalde Guns
Hands up, arms down. A month after the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas Democrats call for "lifesaving gun safety legislation" -- so students will be safe returning to class in the fall. 

Giant Sturgeon
Sturgical focus. Two Alberta fisherman are catching their breath after catching a truly mammoth fish -- a 110-year-old sturgeon that weighed over 300 kilograms. 

Part Two

Planetary Alignment
Sky line above the skyline. Five planets are in alignment right now -- and they won't be again until 2040. So if you get your camera set up -- and stay up late enough -- you can take a shot in the dark. 

Alex Holder
Stolen moments. A documentary filmmaker got up close with Donald Trump before and after the riots of January 6th -- and he says the former president truly -- and falsely -- believes that he was robbed of an election win. 

Part Three

Horror Lovers
He thought he'd take a stab at it. It's easy to assume that people who love scary movies are less empathetic -- but a scientist who decided to look into the question tells us he's afraid that's not the case at all. 

Giant Bacteria
That's about the size of it. "It" being the world's largest bacterium, which our guest says is like Mount Everest compared to its tiny peers. But don't panic: to us, it's about the size of an eyelash. 

No Plastic Cukes
Now we're cuking. An Ontario farmer unveils a timely new invention: cucumbers that don't require plastic wrap to stay fresh.