As It Happens

As It Happens: The Friday Edition

Friday, May 20, 2022

Episode Transcript

Part One

Huawei Ban
The Trudeau government bans two Chinese tech giants from its 5G network -- and our guest says that decision is a net win for national security. 

Winnipeg Holocaust Medal
A hero's welcome. The grandson of a Holocaust survivor and Jewish resistance fighter tells us what it was like to travel to Amsterdam to receive a medal for his grandfather's bravery, decades after his death. 

Bob Neuwirth Obit
Do Look Back. One of Bob Dylan's collaborators tells us another Bob was integral to Dylan's success -- and tonight he's paying tribute to his longtime friend Bob Neuwirth.

Part Two

Chinatown Cafe
His cup runneth over. When a Toronto café owner was viciously attacked, he thought he might have to close his beloved tea shop. But his customers rallied behind the man who gave them a free place to meet, perform, and make art

Edible Tape
what goes over wraps is under wraps. Engineering students have created an edible tape to hold tortillas together, so you can safely stuff your face, when you've overstuffed your burrito. But they're keeping their lips sealed about some of the details. 

Prosecco Injury
Power to the peeper. A cyclist is recovering after winning a big race this week -- not from pedaling to victory, but from taking the full force of a prosecco cork to the eye. 

Part Three

Dolphin Urine Taste
Pee in a pod. Of dolphins that is. We'll hear from a researcher who says dolphins can recognize their friends and family members by the taste of their urine. 

Windsor Safe Opened
Breaking the bank. A safe that once belonged to former Prime Minister Paul Martin's great uncle has finally been cracked. And our guest says its contents left some less than content. 

Largest Scotch Egg 
Down the hatch. A British egg producer has bested its own record for the world's biggest Scotch egg -- with an even vaster vegetarian specimen.