As It Happens

As It Happens: The Friday Edition

Nov. 26, 2021

Episode Transcript

Part One

COVID new variant
The latest coronavirus variant is causing concern around the world — and a Canadian virologist says the situation highlights once again how important it is to get vaccines in the arms of everyone, everywhere. 

New Mexico pharmacist
A pharmacist in New Mexico is running up the miles on his odometer to deliver COVID-19 vaccines to the farthest corners of his state. 

UK teen archaeologist
A 13-year-old amateur archaeologist discovers a trove of Bronze Age axes on her third-ever dig — using equipment that's older than she is.

Part Two

Quebec maple syrup reserve
In Quebec, the organization responsible for bulk maple syrup sales is tapping into its strategic reserve — but don't panic: it's all about managing that sweet liquidity. 

Albatross mating changes
A new study suggests climate change is causing an increasing number of "divorces" among albatrosses — which are ordinarily among the most monogamous animals on our planet.

Part Three

Encore: The Stone Thrower 
It's been fifty years since Chuck Ealey tried to become one of the NFL's first Black quarterbacks -- but wound up playing in Canada instead. And the lessons learned still resonate a half century later, thanks in part to his daughter. An encore presentation of Carol's conversation with Chuck Ealey and Jael Ealey Richardson about her children's book "The Stone Thrower" — which tells the story of how her father moved north when things went south down south.

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