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As It Happens: The Friday Edition

Sept. 3, 2021

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Part One

Canada Paralympics Win
This morning, New Brunswick swimmer Danielle Dorris won gold at the Paralympics in the 50-metre butterfly -- while thousands of kilometres away, her family was cheering up a storm. 

Helsinki English City
Un-Finnish business. Purists in Helsinki may protest, but the mayor of Finland's capital says the city needs to bring in more skilled workers -- and that means making English an official language. 

Henry the Hen
Beginner's cluck. Henry the hen just started working as a crossing guard this year, but she's proving a quick study -- and her owners says everyone in the neighbourhood knows exactly why she keeps crossing the road. 

Abba Returns
We've all made mistakes -- but we're about to receive ABBA-solution. After a 40-year break, ABBA is back with a plan where their digital avatars play concerts, which sounds weird, and two new songs, which sound -- fortunately -- like ABBA. 

Part Two

Rockies Glacier Melting
We already known the disastrous effects of this year's extreme heat on humans -- but scientists now say it's also been catastrophic for glaciers in the Rockies. 

Dogs Reading Human
Who's a good boy? Wrong. A new study upends common perceptions around animal behaviour by withholding treats from dogs -- a controversial research method, to say the leashed.