As It Happens

As It Happens: The Friday Edition

Aug. 13, 2021

Part One

Florida school masks
A school superintendent in Florida tells us she's not about to let the governor's ban on mask mandates stop her from instituting one. And she believes most families have faith in her approach. 

Turkey anti-migrant sentiments
In a summer of deadly disasters, tensions in Turkey are running high. And now simmering anti-immigrant sentiment is boiling over into actual attacks on refugees. 

Mammoth tusk study
A team of researchers spent years retracing the steps of a single wooly mammoth by analyzing isotopes trapped in its ivory. They say it travelled an astonishing 70,000 kilometres — a finding with far-reaching implications. 

Part Two

Feature: Alvin Ailey documentary
We'll speak with the director of a new documentary about celebrated Black choreographer Alvin Ailey — who overcame tremendous personal struggles to stage some of the past century's most memorable works. Jamila Wignot says Ailey didn't just love modern dance; he loved the community of dancers who helped bring his vision to life. 

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