As It Happens

As It Happens: The Friday Edition

Feb. 19, 2021

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Part One

C22 Drug Crime Bill
Justin Trudeau says he'll scrap minimum sentences for some drug offences -- just one reform to address the disproportionate imprisonment of Black and Indigenous Canadians. But our guest says it'll take more to right what's wrong.

Russian Poison Targets
Vladimir Kara-Murza suspected he was being pursued by the Russian government. But the opposition activist tells us how he feels about a new report showing him on an alleged Kremlin hit-list...a target of a poison squad going after opponents of Vladimir Putin. 

Outhouse Bear Bite
Bear bottom. An Alaskan woman's back country getaway becomes a getaway of different kind, when she used the outhouse at night -- and found herself bitten where the sun don't shine while the sun wasn't shining. And the culprit was a bear, who was lurking down below. 

Part Two

Australia Facebook 
No news is bad news. Australians are waking up to another day of news-free Facebook right now -- and the editor of the Sydney Morning Herald says the social media giant's protest against paying media companies feels more like a tantrum. 

Black-footed Ferret Clone
Copy that. Scientists in the U.S. clone one of the country's most endangered species, in the hopes of bringing the black-footed ferret back from the brink of extinction.

Part Three 

Russia Blue Dogs
A fetching new look. A volunteer at a Russian animal shelter tells us about rescuing a crop of stray dogs with one mysterious trait in common -- very blue fur. 

Africville Love Letter
A new book about Nova Scotia's Africville chronicles the stories of 18 former residents who remember the village as a safe haven.